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Raw vegan avocado cheesecake

Yes avocado! It is pretty unusual to use avocado in a dessert but it matches perfect. I was told this cheesecake tasted like ice-cream and the best part is; no baking.


400gm coconut milk

50 gm coconut creme

1 ripe avocado

8 medjool dates

2 hands full of roasted hazelnuts

Roasted pistachios (Turkish antep type)


Put the dates and the hazelnuts into the food processor. Mix well. Place a baking sheet to a 16 cm bake pan. Spread the mixture and press down evenly.

Wash and dry the food processor. Put the cococut milk, coconut creme and the avocado into the food processor. Mix well until they form a smooth consistency. Spread the mixture on to the date and hazelnut evenly. Tap the bake pan gently but firmly on the countertop to let the air bubbles escape.

Extract the pistachio kernels and decorate the cheesecake. Chill in the fridge for about an hour.


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