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About Me

I want you to be happy!


I am a mom, wife, computer scientist and a mentor. Every day, life is a stretch between all the responsibilities. I know all of us  struggle with the daily errands, chores, tasks, duties and responsibilities. Issues and problems suck out all the energy and drain us. It is important to have small escapes during the day which will charge our batteries and make us happy.


While searching for an escape for myself, I found a fabulous way which fulfills me; crafting. I love painting mugs, I love all the colors, it makes me so happy and I want you to be happy.


I hope that these mugs will give you some time off while you enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa (yummy) and take you to wonderful and peaceful journeys.

Enjoy every moment, you live it only once!

- Seda Özses -

Seda Özses
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